Our top insights from the Annual Interview 

After a two-year absence, we were delighted to host our Annual Interview in person. We draw our top insights gained from the evening.

26 November 2021

From the Crown Prosecution Service to Oxfam – over halfway through by Jaswant Narwal

Jaswant is four months into her secondment at Oxfam. And here she reflects on using her experiences in the Crown Prosecution Service to support Oxfam's senior team on their journey to address inequalities, the importance of a joined up effort in tackling global crises and volunteering at their pop-up shop in Selfridges.

14 October 2021

Taking a leap of faith

Jennifer shares her experience on secondment. Taking a leap of faith from the financial sector into energy and data.

03 September 2021

COP26 goals and the role of collaboration

We reflect on our recent Sustainability Directors' roundtable with Matt Toombs, Director of Campaigns and Engagement for the COP26 Unit in Cabinet Office.

22 July 2021

Tackling climate change together

We recently spoke to a number of WIG members to find out what their ambitions for COP26 are and how they’re harnessing the momentum at this crucial time.

21 July 2021

From the Crown Prosecution Service to Oxfam – My first four weeks by Jaswant Narwal

Jaswant, from the Crown Prosecution Service, reflects on the first four weeks of her secondment to Oxfam.

05 July 2021