Tackling climate change together

Climate change is already having a visible impact on the world – from severe floods and wildfires around the world to shifting ecosystems and the destruction of natural habitats worldwide. Climate change is one of the greatest risks facing us all and it’s only by joining forces can we tackle it head on.

In November, the UK in partnership with Italy will host COP26, which many believe is “the world’s best last chance to get runaway climate change under control” – Sir David Attenborough. During this year’s conference each nation will share an updated plan reflecting their highest possible ambitions to support their commitment in limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees. 

The race to Net Zero is on and in a bid to rally non-state actors, companies, cities, financial and educational institutions the UN-backed global campaign ‘Race to Net Zero’ calls on these players to take action to halve global emissions by 2030. 

One year on - 'Race to Net Zero' in numbers

Race to Net Zero statistics

Ambitions for COP26

We spoke to a number of WIG members to find out what their ambitions for COP26 are and how they’re harnessing the momentum at this crucial time.

"Glasgow Caledonian University is engaging with COP26 and policy makers in a wide range of ways, both within and around the summit, to ensure world leaders deliver the climate finance urgently needed by developing countries who are being hit first and hardest, despite having contributed least to the problem". 

- Glasgow Caledonian University

COP26 shines a spotlight on what governments, businesses, citizens and NGOs can do to reach Net Zero – but that means looking beyond energy. WRAP is highlighting what else we must do to reach Net Zero, starting with tackling the global food system and creating a more circular economy". 


At GSK, we want to help protect and restore the planet’s health, in order to protect and improve people’s health. GSK is keen to galvanise action on the Race to Zero across the life sciences sector and create a debate about how we put health at the centre of action on nature and climate, highlighting the importance of collaboration to achieve meaningful change". 

- GSK, COP26 Principal Partner

At Reckitt, we know our greatest impact is through the difference we make on people’s lives through our purpose-led brands, and how we work around the world in our global value chains. Throughout the world, our brands are helping people lead cleaner, healthier lives. In our value chains, we’re reducing carbon emissions, saving water and supporting ecosystems. But we can’t all do this in isolation. We know society’s most pressing challenges will be best tackled by working together with like-minded partners to drive real, sustainable change. Shared success creates greater impact. Only by working together will we create the change we all want to see, and safeguard our planetary and public health for generations to come". 

- Reckitt, COP26 Hygiene Partner

COP26 is a huge opportunity to showcase how the energy sector is leading the way on decarbonisation, call for more ambitious action towards net zero, and ensure we bring consumers on the journey with us. We’re supporting the UK Government to deliver a successful summit that will lead to concrete action". 

- National Grid, COP26 Principal Partner

Tell us what your ambitions are for COP26 or how your organisation is responding to the crisis by tweeting us.

The UK’s contribution to each of the central pillars in addressing the challenge of limiting global warming – decarbonisation, energy transition, sustainable finance and climate change mitigation, as well as its role as a leader in environmental issues - will come into sharper focus in November. In the lead up to and following the conference, we’re continuing to bring together key stakeholders across the sectors, to ensure that these challenges and opportunities are best addressed and utilised for the benefit of industry, government and wider society through our Environment and Climate Change Series.

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