What does enhancing personal impact and presence actually mean?

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What does enhancing personal impact and presence actually mean?

by Callum Price

It goes further than just presentation skills. The course provides a host of different techniques and tools to increase your capacity to engage others with your ideas and get your message across in an impactful way. This is about more than just being a bigger extrovert – in fact, whether you are an introvert or an extrovert does not really come into it at all.

There are four things to focus on for effective communication: outcome, awareness, flexibility, and rapport. These ideas are explored throughout the day and form a basis for the rest of the programme. Beyond this, the course provides delegates with a full toolbox to be used when thinking about and executing presentations to do with volume, stance, voice techniques, releasing tension, and breathing. All of this is explored and taught in a highly interactive way, keeping you on your feet both mentally and literally, through group and partner-based exercises.

  • How can you make more of an impact, in large meetings and in one-to-ones?
  • How should you approach delivering a difficult message?
  • What can you do to prepare in the minutes before a big presentation?
  • Are you more of a cat or a dog?

All of these issues and more are tackled by The Whitehall & Industry Group’s Enhancing Personal Impact and Presence masterclass.

A variety of different situations and scenarios are approached, with more specific issues coming out of group discussions. Delegates learn how to begin big talks and how to build rapport on a one-to-one basis. One of the most popular segments is on ‘how to not get shot’. This explores the best ways to deliver bad news without coming into the firing line, sticking to the issue at hand. This is a difficult task and a challenge that has to be taken on by everyone at some stage, no matter which sector or role. The guidance provided by the masterclass facilitator focuses on both a general and a specific level to help people grow their ability and confidence in this area.

The masterclass was attended by around 20 civil servants and private sector employees, all of whom came with their own specific targets for the day. These aims were individually recorded and referred back to throughout the day by the facilitator, thus ensuring a broad but personal approach to each delegate’s development in order to secure a positive outcome for every attendee.

The masterclass is extremely useful for equipping yourself with the required tools to be a more effective communicator in a wide variety of different scenarios, from big speeches, to group meetings, to difficult one-to-one discussions. There is a lot packed into one day but it is facilitated excellently so that you can get the most from it, no matter what your personal goals are.

And what about the aforementioned cats and dogs? Come to the masterclass to find out!

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