Below are answers to the most common questions about WIG and our work:

  • What does WIG do?

    We provide an unrivalled range of opportunities to bring business, government and the not-for-profit sector closer together. We help our members connect and understand how other organisations think. We develop their leaders together, help them input to policy, broaden their networks and learn from each other, together. We do this by providing our members with career opportunities, leadership and development programmes, events and seminars.  WIG is a charity, independent and neutral. Established in 1984, our charitable purpose is to build understanding and co-operation between the sectors for the greater public good – a nation better governed, business better informed and society better served. For more information see 'About Us'.

  • How do I join WIG?
    If you would like to become a member of WIG, please visit the membership section of our website. Alternatively please contact our Deputy Chief Executive Fiona Petit
  • Benefits of being a WIG member
    As a member of WIG, you can access: 
    • Over 100 wide-ranging topical events featuring high profile speakers – the majority are Free to WIG members, and for costed events we offer preferential member rates
    • Priority booking and discounted rates for our highly sought-after leadership programmes
    • Career opportunities and placements with other organisations, allowing you to experience another sector (including secondments, mentoring and non-executive appointments)
    • A strong network of peers from a variety of sectors, including top FTSE companies, government bodies and NFP organisations 
    • A safe space to discuss issues of the day (we operate our events under the Chatham House rule)
    • Your own dedicated relationship manager

    See a full list of membership benefits

  • What is Charity Next?

    An initiative to improve understanding between the sectors through secondments. Established by The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Foundation, it is now working in partnership with WIG to bring opportunities across the private, public and voluntary sectors for the benefit of more individuals and organisations.

    Read more about our Charity Next Secondments

  • What is a Secondment?

    Working for a finite time in another sector- sharing your experience and learning how things can be done differently. Those with deep experience in a particular sector or function often develop profound understanding of thier corporate world and its challenges. For more information see 'Gaining experience in another sector'.

  • What are Development Seminars?

    One-day seminars (courses) to enhance management and leadership capability, showcasing leading-edge thinking and providing practical tools and solutions. 

    See more information about our Development Seminars 

  • What are Attachments?
    A short term project-based experience in another sector, often part-time, usually between 3 weeks and 3 months, to meet individual development objectives and answer specific business needs. For more information see 'Gaining experience in another sector'.
  • What are Insights?

    A 3-5 day secondment programme designed to allow somebody from one sector to explore how another sector tackles specific organisational issues – such as diversity, knowledge management, corporate governance or talent management. (‘Organisational Raids’ deliver similar benefits but for groups of people).  For more information see 'Gaining experience in another sector'.


  • What is an Organisational Raid?
    Organisational raids provide day-long (or half day) exposure to another organisation's know-how. They are purpose-built to allow one organisation to learn from another's expertise and proven practice. For more information see our 'Organisational Raids' page. (‘Insights’ deliver similar benefits but for 1 person). 
  • Which WIG programmes are included in Civil Service Learning (CSL) ?
    All of WIG's longer-term leadership programmes are allowed as part of CSL, and as such do not require special permission to be used (other than your organisation's normal internal process for budgetary approval). All but two of WIG's 1-day courses/development seminars are also included. For more information see our CSL page.
  • Who should I contact about the Regional Events Programme?

    If you have ideas on topics, speakers or any other thoughts please email the events team or call the office at 020 7222 1166.

    Find out more on our regional events page.


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