A message from WIG: Safely bringing people from across the sectors together

The COVID-19 outbreak is having and will have, a dramatic effect on us all. Our understanding and sympathy go out to our members in these unprecedented times as already hard-pressed teams attempt to mitigate and manage the growing impacts of the pandemic. Particularly, of course, to those working towards solutions or keeping services, in their many forms, running in support of the population.

Despite the impact on loved ones and the longer-term global and national implications for the economy, future challenges will not have evaporated during this difficult period. We are all rightly focused on the immediate problem. However, the UK’s relationship with the world, long term environmental issues, the digital revolution and the nation’s infrastructure as well as, more than ever, society and people, will still require action as we emerge from this current extraordinary crisis. By then, the landscape will be different, and the requirement for understanding even greater.

WIG’s purpose is to join the sectors. The need to do so keeps growing. Not because people don’t communicate at all but because the challenges have grown in both importance and complexity. Perspective and solutions change quickly, but throughout this, there remains more that joins different approaches than separates them. Being attuned to what is going on, what is changing, and what people are doing will never be more critical.

At WIG, our priority is to continue to support our members with relevant and valuable services. As an organisation that thrives on personal interaction, we will be looking to achieve our aims differently in the coming weeks and months.

How we are adapting various WIG offers


    In the next few months we will be bringing you a host of topical and timely digital content on the impact of the coronavirus outbreak across the sectors. If there are any areas you would specifically be interested to hear from please email Tom Sapsted, Head of Content and Events.

    We are developing an online platform you can use to continue to collaborate with likeminded individuals from across the sectors to address some core challenges, putting networking and collaboration at the heart of the offer. 

    We are creating a host of online electronic resources to build on our hub of digital content, so you can access up to date resources from thought leaders across the public, private and not-for profit sectors

    We will continue to address the most important cross-sector challenges outside of the COVID-19 emergency, through a calendar of virtual meetings, delivered via webinars, focusing on seven core themes: Society, People, Brexit and International, Tech and Digital, Infrastructure, Economic Growth and Prosperity, Environment and Climate Change. Webinars already launched include:

    And many more. Please see our EVENTS LISTING page for the most up-to-date information on what we have in store.

    Once it is safe to do so, WIG will resume a full calendar of briefings, panels, roundtables, workshops and conferences.


    The strength of WIG Leadership programmes and seminars is the ability to produce deep learning within a cross-sector environment. The current situation has enabled us to review our offerings and look at ways that we can continue to ensure the quality and depth of learning experience for participants.

    Where more appropriate to be delivered face to face, we are rearranging leadership modules to a time when it is publicly safe to do so. To ensure that programme participants continue to have a valuable learning experience, we are interspersing modules with online action learning sets and/or coaching sessions.

    We recognise that, during these unprecedented times, there will be key themes, such as leading with resilience, sharing best practice, problem solving and solutions-based decision-making, which would be useful to explore across the sectors.  We will be offering a range of online leadership discussion forums and webinars between April and June.  Please see our EVENTS LISTING page for the most up-to-date information on what we have in store.


    WIG secondees are moving to a default remote working set-up. We are working with all hosts to ensure that transitions are being adequately managed, that secondees are being supported in order for them to fulfil their placement, and that hosts also get what they need from it.

    In relation to mentoring, we will conduct our introductory meetings virtually and advise all mentors and mentees to do the same - whether at initial chemistry meetings or otherwise. WIG will support from a technical standpoint, where possible.   

    Finally, on Non-Executive Director and Trustee recruitment, we will be working with both existing and future partners to ensure that technology can be harnessed effectively – whether in the context of our sifting processes, or at final interview stage.

We are interested in what our members are thinking and keeping lines of communication open between the sectors. Please keep feeding back to us or your Relationship Manager here at WIG, the topics that are of key interest to you, the challenges that you face, areas where you want to develop your people or other ways in which you feel we can help. We are listening.