Farewell to WIG's Chief Executive Peter Unwin

After four years at WIG, we are saying farewell to our Chief Executive Peter Unwin who is retiring today and taking on the role as captain of his local golf club in Chislehurst.
Peter has been a tremendous leader, guide and coach to all of us and we would like to extend our best wishes to him for his future.
A message from Peter:

Today is my last day as Chief Executive of The Whitehall & Industry Group. I joined WIG in the run up to the 2015 Election. Little did we guess then the chain of events which that Election would trigger. In four short years the background environment in which we all work has changed hugely, not just through Brexit but also because of political, economic and security events across the globe. It has been a privilege to lead WIG through a turbulent period in which dialogue between the public, private and not-for-profit sectors has never been more important.  I am immensely grateful for the support I have received from members across WIG and from our terrific team here.

Looking beyond Brexit, however that may end, we face many challenges ranging from creating a strong economy and society at home to tackling climate change and ensuring a stable world order globally. These will continue to demand cross-sector collaboration. And as the Civil Service becomes more commercial and the spotlight on the reputation of business and the not-for-profit sector intensifies, the scope to learn and share skills and experience across sectoral boundaries is greater than ever. I am confident that WIG will thrive under the leadership of my successor Simon Ancona through our 35th anniversary and beyond. I wish him, you and WIG all the best and I shall certainly be keeping in touch.