Is WIG the "best-kept secret" in your organisation?

At The Whitehall & Industry Group, we often hear praise from individuals within our member organisations about the "excellent value for money" of our membership, the "breadth and depth" of our events programme, the opportunities to "connect with people", and many other positive quotes about the learning and development opportunities available to them through WIG. 

However, our members also admit that they often find out about WIG through word of mouth, and have even told us that "WIG is one of the best-kept secrets" in their organisation. 

We are delighted to be instrumental in building bridges between different sectors, in helping tackle the potential for dysfunction in the UK by bringing people from government, industry and the not-for-profit sector together, to learn from each other. But in order to spread the benefit further, we need your help. It is time to let the secret out. Tell someone in your organisation about WIG today! 

The easiest way to get them acquainted with WIG is to share this 2-minute video about our work:



We look forward to seeing more of your colleagues involved and thank you in advance for your continued support of WIG!