WIG does a fantastic job for the nation, developing great leaders, developing great perspectives, working cross-sector between government, industry and the voluntary sector. It is a small organisation with a huge idea, working to counter the potential for disfunction in the UK by getting people to work together in a collaborative way.

Nigel Whitehead, Chief Technology Officer, BAE Systems; former WIG Chair

We are driven by a belief that solutions to global, national and organisational challenges are inspired by bringing the right people together from across the sectors.

Our vision of the world involves a cultural shift where learning, mutual understanding and collaboration are at the heart of how business, government, and the not-for-profit sector engage with each other for their own and the greater good.

The four principles behind WIG's cross-sector work

We actively create opportunities to experience the impact of learning, understanding and co-creation of solutions amongst diverse participants from across the sectors.

We use our convening power to bring the right people in the room from a diverse range of organisations to share, learn and find solutions to common challenges. We do this by:

  • Creating forums and space for the effective transfer of skills and knowledge between the sectors
  • Providing timely, topical briefings from the top of civil service, business, academia and the voluntary sector
  • Connecting regional administrations, local government and devolved governments to Whitehall
  • Enabling active learning between leaders and future leaders through facilitated cross-sector programmes and placements
  • Championing cross-sector careers and learning by raising awareness of the positive impact on individuals and organisations.

One of the lovely things about WIG is that people really understand and get what it's all about. We all see the potential for a major mismatch between the thinking of policy makers in central government teams and some of the practical things that industry have to deal with on a day to day basis. The chances are that we are ships that miss in the night. This is where WIG comes in.

Nigel Whitehead, Chief Technology Officer, BAE Systems; former WIG Chair

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