Collaboration Playbook

Playbook: A leader's guide to cross-sector collaboration

As the need for cross-sector collaboration increases, leaders need the right skills and mindset to navigate and deliver successful collaborations.

The challenges facing our societies and economies today are so large and complex that cross-sector collaboration is not a choice, but an imperative.

While 90% of leaders agree that collaboration with other sectors is important to achieve successful outcomes for their organisation, nearly 60% feel they don't have sufficient development or training to collaborate effectively*.


The Collaboration Playbook for leaders

Recognising the challenges and complexities of collaboration, WIG has published the Collaboration Playbook. Researched and written by the Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford, WIG's Collaboration Playbook is an evidence-based, practical guide to the fundamentals of collaboration.

Focusing on the aspects of collaboration that are less tangible and often forgotten - leadership, trust, culture, power and learning - the Playbook will support leaders at all levels to:

  1. understand when it's right to pursue collaboration.
  2. consider the subtleties and nuances of collaboration that influence outcome.
  3. seize the opportunity of collaboration and rise to its challenges.


“In the current dynamic environment, the Playbook can help lift our learning speed and increase the chances that collaborations deliver clear economic and societal returns.” Jane Toogood, Co-Chair of the Hydrogen Delivery Council

Drawing on academic literature, thought leadership and real-world examples, the playbook outlines tactics leaders can apply to make transformative cross-sector collaboration a success.  

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The Playbook explores five fundamentals of collaboration:

* WIG member survey, June 2023, 251 leaders across the public, private, NFP and HE sectors.