WIG’s Talent Team has real breadth and depth of recruitment experience. Whether you are an organisation looking to recruit, or an individual looking to build your career, we can help and advise. 

Here at WIG we focus on Non-Executive and Secondment recruitment. That means that we can  we can help your organisation identify the right Non-Executive Directors or Trustees. We can also help you find the right person to undertake a specific project for up to 2 years.   

If you are an individual looking to build your career or portfolio, visit our Career Opportunities page to see our current Non-Executive, Trustee or Secondment vacancies.  

If you are interested in becoming a Non-Executive or Trustee, WIG has a great track record of being able to advise.

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Talent Services


Career opportunities & vacancies

The Talent team provides opportunities for individuals who are looking to meet specific learning and development needs or an organisation wanting to tap into high calibre skills.

We are pleased to offer the latest Non-Executive and Secondment opportunities for you, your contacts and colleagues to consider.



Looking to recruit?


We invest time and energy in understanding the needs of your organisation and senior team so tha we attract the top candidiates and can guide you through the process. The quality of repulation reaps rewards. At WIG we are known for our proactive and personal approach to our dealings with both customers and candidates. 

When WIG's email came through with details on the Defra role it really caught my attention; the role was perfect for me. 
Sir Tony Hawkhead CBE, Chief Executive of Groundwork UK and Non-Executive Director of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)


Becoming a Non-Executive or Trustee

Increasingly, senior leaders from all sectors are looking to take on Non-Executive responsibilities earlier in their careers. Whereas the portfolio phase is an established stage of the life cycle, senior leaders in executive roles can also benefit enormously from taking on Non-Executive and Trustees roles alongside their executive responsibilities. This brings perspective and insight to a variety of corporate governance and leadership issues that can truly shape exceptional leaders. It also brings important learning and shared wisdom into other sectors and a sense of fulfilment of giving to the public or voluntary sectors. WIG has helped match more than 350 public sector organisations and charities with the right person.  


Meet the talent team

Our Talent Team delivers something different – an opportunity to experience another sector whilst expanding the range and breadth of your expertise. 

WIG is results driven, responsive and focused on the strategic objective. We achieved a really successful outcome and they're on hand with advice and support at every step of the way. 
Jon Whitfield, Director of Internal Audit, Department for business, Innovation & Skills