Non-Executive and Trustee Opportunities

Becoming a Non-Executive or a Trustee will enable you to bring your perspective and insight to another organisation. It also brings important learning and shared wisdom, and a sense of fulfilment of giving to the public or voluntary sectors. WIG has helped match more than 350 public sector organisations and charities with the right person.

Interested in discovering how you could use your skills and experience as a Trustee or Non-Executive Director?

Key features

  • Board level opportunities within public sector organisations and charities
  • Roles include Chair, Non-executive, and Trustee
  • Candidates come from wide-ranging backgrounds and disciplines, in the public, private and third sectors
  • Roles are advertised by WIG every week

What you will gain

  • Exposure to new perspectives and different business models
  • The opportunity to apply your leadership, professional and life experience in a new context
  • Benefit from making a real contribution to another organisation’s governance, strategic direction and business effectiveness
  • The chance to expand your business knowledge and build new cross-sector networks
  • An opportunity to develop a new style of leadership; influencing and advising to complement your ‘hands-on’ management


Being a Non-Executive member of the DFID Audit Committee brings with it a great education, an introduction to a diverse network of people, an opportunity to do my bit to help end world poverty and opportunities to share best practice on assurance topics in both directions between DIFD and Shell.
Lucy Slinger, Special Projects Finance Manager, Shell