Charity Next - Care Int - Commercial Advisor

Care International is a large international NGO working on poverty reduction and social justice globally. The UK branch has a specialist programmes division that bids for money (including from the UK government) to deliver a global portfolio of projects. The current portfolio is approximately £160m and spans Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

The director of programme quality and impact has led a change process across CIUK over the past 18 months to enable CIUK to bid for commercial work. The commercial contract task force has changed policies and processes across the organisation to do this. This has been successful - the first commercial bid has been won, a second has been submitted and a number are now being prepared for. However we are still relatively new to this market and are continually evaluating our performance, learning and adapting.

This post will be sat in the programmes division and will report to the head of the Asia section. However the job description is designed to enable the post holder to work across the programmes division and indeed CIUK to contribute to delivering our commercial objectives and share expertise on commercial bidding and strategy. We have also considered who the post holder will need to spend time with / work on / have exposure, to ensure a rounded fast stream experience at CARE.

CARE is a global organisation and we anticipate the post holder having the opportunity to travel as part of this role.

  • Objective 1: Commercial Policy (20% of time): CIUK went through a substantial change process in order to be able to bid for commercial opportunities. We have defined our commercial parameters based on the affordability of the bidding process and quantifying the risk that we are able to carry. We have also had to make changes across the office to make this possible - everything from HR processes, insurance, legal compliance etc. Now we are bidding and winning commercial opportunities but as a new entrant to the market we are continually learning and where necessary updating our approach.

    The post holder will play two roles in supporting CIUK improvements in this area;
    1. The post holder will have the opportunity to review our policies and practices and offer suggestions. They will also work with us on updates. For example we are currently reviewing our payments by results risk threshold.
    2. We have mapped our staff's skills against commercial procurement and management requirements. We have in place a training scheme to ensure that that all staff develop appropriate skills in this area. The post holder will be welcome at all these training opportunities. We would also like to work with the fast streamer to enable them to add to this training programme and share some of their technical knowledge..

    Objective 2: Bid Development (60% of time): CIUK bids to the UK government for development funds, including through commercial contracts. Programme funding coordinators scope future opportunities and lead go / no decisions. When a go decision is taken bid development teams are formed.

    The post holder will be required to surge into at least one of these groups and lead on the commercial narrative sections of the bid. This pivotal role requires pulling together the technical and delivery aspirations of the planned intervention with the costs and value for money considerations.