Charity Next – CFAB – Project Manager

Children and Families Across Borders (CFAB) is the UK member of the International Social Service (ISS) – a network of Social Workers, Lawyers and other child rights professionals and partners in over 120 countries. Formed 90 years ago and headquartered in Geneva, the ISS network gives us unrivalled access to expert, on-the-ground support which allows us to ensure child's safety and determine where the child's best interest permanent placement should be considering the carers' capacity to provide care.

CFAB provides services to over 80% of local authorities in England and Wales. We regularly provide advice and training to key organisations local authorities social workers and legal team, such as well as judges, police, CAFCASS guardians, consular officers and more. With over 60 years of experience in supporting children coming to or leaving the UK, we are experts in advising statutory and voluntary organisations about cross border child protection.

CFAB has established a tradition of hosting civil service secondees, and we are very pleased to have always received positive feedback from them. Our most recent post holders joined in October 2018 and 2019.

The UK's exit from the EU may change many of the legal arrangements under which we work. However, we have taken this as an opportunity to re-evaluate how we run our international operations, not only through Europe but also the rest of the world. Furthermore, the increasing gap between the standards for social care provision in the UK and other countries forces CFAB to consider new options for overseas social work services beyond our traditional ISS partners.

Post description
You will play a key role within the organisation, reporting frequently to the Senior Management Team on two strategic priority projects.

You will lead on a service innovation project establishing new partnerships overseas to increase the capacity and capability of CFAB's international service delivery. You will use stakeholder management.

  • International network development and capacity building project (3 days per week):
    - Work with the Principal Social Worker and social work team to develop a detailed understanding of their work and the benefits of further developing our network of partners overseas.
    - Conduct market research into target countries based on the needs of UK local authorities and courts, CFAB’s core service users.
    - Identify and work with relevant authorities and organisations overseas that can facilitate partnership building.
    - Identify potential new partners following extensive research, including into their countries' social work systems.
    - Create and implement engagement strategy. Communicate strategically with CFAB’s existing international partner organisations and negotiate with potential new partners overseas, with the option to make use any foreign languages. Identify and utilise appropriate recruitment platforms.
    - Share information with the headquarters of the International Social Service network in Geneva to contribute to the global network’s overseas partnership development drive.
    - Quality planning to develop service standards for both existing and potential new partners to ensure they meet the standards expected by CFAB and its service users.
    - Draft working agreements with new partners, including fees, costings, timescales and work plans.
    - Ensure benefits of new partners are delivered by training new partner agencies, organisations and individuals to provide the required level of services, making effective use of technology for international working.

    Office relocation project (2 days per week):
    - Quickly develop an understanding of CFAB’s business needs and ensure they continue to be met for the duration of the office relocation project.
    - Manage the project plan to ensure a series of interconnected strategic and logistical tasks are delivered and key deadlines are met. Hand up to date project plan over to HR and Finance Manager for final stage of delivery by October.