Plan UK -Trustee

• To bring your experience and expertise to the Board to help us achieve our strategic goals.
• To act as an ambassador for the charity and champion its objectives at a senior level.
• To ensure that Plan UK pursues its aims as set out in its governing document and contribute to the strategic plans to achieve these.
• To ensure that Plan UK uses its assets exclusively to pursue these aims.
• To safeguard the good name and values of Plan UK.
• To ensure the financial stability and effective administration of Plan UK.
• To protect and manage the property of Plan UK and ensure that Plan UK invests its funds properly.
• As a member of the Trustee Board, to assist in the appointment of the Chief Executive and the monitoring of his/her performance.
• To ensure Plan UK satisfies the requirements of the regulator, The Charity Commission.
• To represent the interests of current and future beneficiaries and other stakeholders
• To be a Charity trustee of Plan UK for the purposes of the Charities Act and a company director of the charity for the purposes of the Companies Act

  • The Trustees fulfil the current purpose of the charity, an international children agency with no religious or political affiliation, working with children and their families in the world's poorest countries to overcome poverty and injustice by encouraging them to claim their rights. We enable communities to take action for children rights to an education, healthcare, clean water and more so that they can improve the lives of their families.
    The Trustees provide a non-executive oversight of all the charity’s activities and contributes to the development of strategy and the future vision of the charity. There are presently 12 trustees and 2 youth observers. Governance is through the Board of Trustees.
  • 1. Values
    1.1. Have empathy with and subscribe to the Mission, Vision and Values of Plan UK with a commitment to every child’s right to fulfil their potential.
    1.2. Respected in their field of expertise
    1.3. Have respect for the confidentiality of discussions and the views of others.

    2. Expertise
    2.1. Have demonstrable evidence of achievement in the area of expertise you will bring to the Board.
    2.2. To be sure we have suitable skills on the Board we are, on this occasion, particularly looking for applicants with experience in contract law.

    3. Skills
    3.1. Have good judgement and be able to understand, comment and advise on Plan UK strategies.
    3.2. Be able/willing to contribute to group/board discussions and challenge constructively.
    3.3. Have a cooperative, frank and open approach to working with other Trustees and the management team.
    3.4. A well networked and highly respected board level operator with the ability to perform the ambassadorial role both internally and externally to generally facilitate the work and activities of Plan UK.
    3.5. Have the ability to be able to communicate at all levels.
    3.6. Qualified to work as a solicitor or barrister in England and Wales.

    4. Experience
    4.1. Have experience of reviewing and commenting on strategic, financial and operational material.