Trade and International Affairs

Trade and international affairs

At WIG, we bring the sectors together to collaborate on the UK’s role and relations on an increasingly volatile global stage; across trade, international affairs, and defence.

In the international arena, the UK is strengthening its’ role on the world stage, in the face of rising threats from state and non-state actors. Simultaneously, there is continued focus on building mutually beneficial trade agreements across the globe and strengthening economic security.

Geopolitical threats and trade policy require dialogue between central government, businesses, higher education and charities. The implementation of the refreshed integrated review, alongside securing key international alliances and trade agreements, can only happen effectively with input from stakeholders across the economy.

WIG’s discussions and content under our Trade and International Affairs theme offer a trusted space for open and honest dialogue focussing on:

  • International trade and supply chains 
  • Geopolitical landscape, international affairs, and diplomacy
  • Defence and security

Each area is comprehensively researched with ideas gathered from our members and the trade and international affairs advisory council.

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