Beyond the Life Sciences Industrial Strategy with Sir John Bell

In 2017 the Government's Life Sciences Champion, Professor Sir John Bell, provided recommendations to government on the long term success of the life sciences sector. It was written in collaboration with industry, academia, charity, and research organisations.

The report considered seven core areas, namely Health Advanced Research Programme (HARP) proposal, reinforcing the UK science offer, growth and infrastructure, NHS collaboration, Data, Skills, and regulation.

In this session Sir John Bell and several others will consider:

  • What has made the life sciences industrial strategy a success?
  • What else could be done to continue the success of the industrial strategy two years on?
  • How can we assure the sustainability and growth of the life sciences industry beyond the industrial strategy?

About the speaker

Professor Sir John Bell GBE FRS is Regius Professor of Medicine at Oxford University, and Chairman of the Office for the Strategic Coordination of Health Research. He served as President of the Academy of Medical Sciences (2006-2011). In December 2011, Sir John was appointed one of two UK Life Sciences Champions


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