Board and Chair Leadership During Challenging Times: A cross-sector perspective

The role of Non-Executive Directors in Whitehall departments continues to evolve. Indeed, the chairmanship of the Secretary of State makes this a unique environment in relation to governance, whilst the lack of legal accountability and responsibility can bring a significant degree of ambiguity.

Professor Andrew Kakabadse has highlighted in a recent report that Non-Executive Directors can provide effective oversight and make a valued contribution in a Whitehall context. In addition, he has contributed to significant work on how the Chair and Board can steer complex organisations through crises and challenging times.

For individuals accountable to Boards and both current & aspiring Non-Executive Directors, it is important that they understand the nuances of governance, and the structure in which Board members operate.

In this session, we will hear from both Public and Private Board level perspectives on addressing ever complex challenges, and how these can be harnessed in new environments.

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