Early Career Network: Building transferable skills for a post-COVID world

Our Early Career Network brings together future leaders who are graduates, apprentices and high potential individuals with up to ten years of work experience, from a range of WIG member organisations. The network will help you build connections with your peers, and develop the skills and knowledge to move ahead in your career.

As we begin to look towards COVID recovery, uncertainty remains around what the future of the workplace may look like. Learn how you can best prepare for this world as we hear from Dominic Arthur, Cabinet Office, to discuss their career journey, what skills have benefited them the most in their career and what transferable skills they think will be particularly important in a post-COVID world.

Join us live to:

  • Learn about the cross-sector career paths of our speakers and what skills have best benefitted them during their own journeys
  • Discover what skills will be particularly important for you in a post-COVID world
  • Gain insight into how you can best build these skills while working from home to help further your career


  • Dominic Arthur

    Director, Pensions & Government Recruitment Service, Cabinet Office

    Dominic leads a combined team of around 450 colleagues, bringing together the two ends of an employee’s work lifecycle.

    The pensions team of high performing colleagues based across the UK are effective both in crisis and non-crisis times including ensuring the right pension is paid to right members at the right time.

    Apart from leading the attraction and recruitment delivery on behalf of civil service departments across government, his Government Recruitment Service (GRS) team has developed innovative ways to support Government and the Civil Service in attracting and onboarding the best, diverse people to support its delivery of current and future priorities.

    In response to Covid-19 resourcing challenges for example, GRS developed the innovative Industry Partnering Voluntary Scheme; and the CS Returners Scheme. They are currently running the record breaking SCS1&2 Recruitment Campaign Programme


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