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Well worth the wait... first Early Career Network of 2018! 

Join us for an evening with Thomas Davies, Founder and CEO, Temporall, to learn what the future might be for the digital organisation and where people meet technology.

As our organisations, workspaces and work life continue to change at a dramatic pace, particularly with the advancement of technology, where does the point intersection between people and technology sit?


Culture is a strategy that executives need to design, measure and deliver to increase individual and organisational performance. Companies continue to invest in technology to drive change and deliver value when they need to increase focus on their culture and people.

Company culture is extremely misunderstood: many organisations have a culture yet it’s undefined or un-owned and not seen as a core business strategy.

Even when a company has defined critical values and behaviours, unless they are reinforced in processes, systems and flow throughout all functions and levels of the business, then culture is unlikely to support outstanding and sustained business performance.


24% of employees strongly agree that members of their leadership are not aware of the impact their behaviour has on the company, though the leadership’s team ability to affect positive cultural change is profound.

Top organisations culture:

In less than 5% of organisations, culture is a strategy; it is owned and shaped by all employees who are hired for their cultural fit, their potential and performance. 

It is exampled by leaders and managers through their everyday decisions and actions reinforcing specific desired values and behaviours. These organisations have culture integrated into the fabric of their processes and systems, and technology is used to support and embed culture into everyday work.

Employees feel empowered, motivated and responsible for participating in and upholding these values. They understand and appreciate that culture must be designed to develop employees and an organisation that is inherently adaptive, externally focused and can absorb and thrive under continuous change.

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  • About the speaker


    • Thomas Davies



      During his ten years at Google, Thomas led the UK&I Cloud business as Country Manager, then became Director of Northern, Eastern & Central Europe, before leading the Global Partnerships team. He has a particular passion for helping organisations use technology to drive cultural change and develop a sustainable strategy for future success. Thomas is an expert in the business use of machine learning, digital technologies, leadership and the complexities of operating in multiple markets in times of unprecedented change.

      He strongly believes that every organisation is unique and has the power to choose their own destiny. He has a humanistic approach to life and work.

      Thomas is a highly regarded keynote speaker and has had articles published on FastCo and Medium. He is an accredited executive coach, and has sat on the Technology Advisory Board for one of the UK’s leading banks. Thomas is CEO of Temporall.  


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