Exchange, January - October 2019

A unique programme, run in partnership with the Cabinet Office, for leaders from across the sectors, that includes Director Generals from the civil service, senior Directors in the private sector and CEOs in the wider public and third sector. 

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"A refreshing opportunity to think laterally and engage in new ideas. Running the course over a year creates bonds, relationships, understanding and trust amongst the group. The diversity of backgrounds, roles and personalities brought the topics to life." David Walker, Citi


To express your interest in the Exhange programme use the button below to send an e-mail to leade[email protected] :


  • What will you gain and how does it work?

    Bringing people together and especially from different sectors, as Exchange does, can be a very creative process. Participants are able to explore the differences and, just as frequently, the similarities of their experiences and challenges. This leads to their re-thinking some fundamental assumptions and opening their minds to other worlds.

    It is a chance to dig deeper, to suspend judgment, to challenge preconceived assumptions and approach things from a fresh perspective. It can also make people reassess their roles as citizens. Overall it enables participants to reflect on the role of society, the economy and their leadership in a more holistic and integrated way.

    Participants gain confidence through sharing the way they each are dealing with a range of critical challenges and demands, often with similar underlying issues. They are able to compare approaches to the inevitable constraints and distractions that come with operating at a senior level. In this way they develop a greater respect for and understanding of each other’s roles and the fields in which they operate.

    Exchange is a rare opportunity to work with a broad range of individuals across both the public and private sectors. Key to the process is encouraging delegates themselves to manage the agenda and thereby focus on where they are most interested and will gain most benefit.

    The combination of people from different disciplines and with a wide variety of roles makes for a powerful whole. It is a great opportunity for people to form strong and lasting relationships as they begin to understand, trust and respect each other. 


    Who is this programme for?

    Senior Directors in the private sector, Director General in Civil Service and CEOs in the wider public and third sector.

    Note: Director General applications from the Civil Service are processed by the Cabinet Office, get in touch to find out who to contact.

  • Programme structure

    This programme takes a collaborative approach and the success relies as much on the attitude, engagement and commitment of participants as on the input or expertise of speakers and facilitators.

    Module 1: eve 23 / day 24 January

    Module 2: eve 14/ day 15 March

    Module 3: eve 14/ day 15 May

    Module 4: day 1 / day 2 July  (two day)

    Module 5: eve 12/ day 13 September

    Module 6: Eve 15 / day 16 October

  • Facilitators

    The team on this programme bring a range of skills to help you stretch your thinking and broaden your perspectives:

  • Testimonials & Participating Organisations

    Video: WIG Leadership Programme Delegate Mark Langdale

    Organisations who have participated in the last three years:

    Central Government

    Private Sector

    Cabinet Office

    Arcadis LLP



    Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

    BAE Systems plc

    Department for Business, Innovation & Skills

    BT Global Services UK

    Department for Communities and Local Government


    Department for Education


    Department for International Development

    Drax Group

    Department for International Trade

    Jaguar Land Rover

    Department for Transport

    Microsoft Limited

    Department of Health

    National Grid

    Government Legal Department


    HM Revenue & Customs


    Ministry of Defence

    Rolls Royce

    Ministry of Justice

    Scotch Whiskey Association

    Prime Minister's Office

    Shell UK Ltd.

    The Scottish Government


    Welsh Government

    The Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc


    United Utilities plc

    Broader Public and Not-for-Profit

    Bank of England

    Warwick Business School

    Centre for Ageing Better

    Welsh Ambulance Service

    Office of Fair Trading


  • Fees and apply now!


    Member fee: £6,000 + VAT 


    How do I express my interest?

    If you would like to discuss whether the programme is suitable or if you're interested in nominating someone then please call the WIG office on 020 7222 1166 and ask to speak to Lorraine King or Hannah Benaim or email the leadership team.

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