HR Directors Roundtable: Julie Chakraverty - Assertive HR: Getting into the driver's seat

HR is too often viewed as a passenger - the safe pair of hands who will advise on execution and minimise risk. But in a time of unprecedented disruption to how companies create value, HR leaders need to enable their teams with the confidence to take the wheel. How should they do this?

Julie Chakraverty, a FTSE-40 board member and innovation expert, will be exploring how more visionary HR leaders drive real change and impact strategy.  The group will discuss how HR can scale its impact by leveraging new talent intelligence to deliver insights and challenge. Only by innovating themselves can HR build a workforce culture for the future, inspire their companies, and get buy in from the board.


Unfortunately this event is now closed for booking.

  • About the speaker

    Julie is an experienced non-executive director and digital leader with a track record of market leading innovation. Formerly with JP Morgan and UBS, she built a multi-award winning business in investment banking, then as a non-exec set up the Board’s Innovation Committee at Aberdeen Asset Management.

    Julie has also founded Rungway, a new technology in the talent & culture space which is launching into global companies. She is also a TEDx speaker.   

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