Leslie Evans, Permanent Secretary, Scottish Government

Join us in Edinburgh as we hear from Leslie Evans, Permanent Secretary, Scottish Government, on the Scottish Government's priorities and plans for growth in a new economic and geopolitical landscape in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic and now that the UK has left the EU. As a WIG Leadership Alumna, Leslie will also share some insight into her leadership journey throughout her fascinating career.

  • Leslie Evans

    Permanent Secretary

    Scottish Government

    Leslie Evans was appointed as Permanent Secretary to the Scottish Government on July 1, 2015. She is the first woman to hold this role in Scotland. As the most senior civil servant in Scotland and head of the civil service supporting the Scottish Government, the Permanent Secretary is the principal policy adviser to the First Minister and Secretary to the Scottish Cabinet.  As the principal accountable officer for the Scottish Government, Leslie is personally responsible to the Scottish Parliament for the exercise of her responsibilities. This includes the management of the Scottish Government’s £42.5 billion budget and the economic, efficient and effective use of all related resources. Leading more than 6,500 civil servants who work for the Scottish Government in Scotland, London and across the world, Leslie supports the development, implementation and communication of government policies.


At present, this event is scheduled to take place as a briefing in Edinburgh. WIG will continue to monitor the situation with Covid-19 and the format of the event will be changed should the circumstances not be suitable for a physical event to take place.


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