Managing the UK’s Flood Risk: A Virtual Live Briefing with Caroline Douglass, Environment Agency

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The last year has seen many parts of the world experience flooding as a result of extreme weather conditions, including regions across the UK. We are delighted to be joined by Caroline Douglass, Executive Director for Flood and Coastal Risk Management at the Environment Agency (EA), for this live briefing to explore how organisations across the sectors can work together to manage flood risks moving forward.

Join us live for your opportunity to:

  • Learn how the 'National flood and coastal erosion risk management strategy' is being implemented alongside the government's broader climate change adaptation and mitigation policies
  • Understand how lessons learnt from recent experiences of flooding might inform resilience planning for impacted communities
  • Discuss the role of cross-sector collaboration to drive innovation in this space, including the use of nature-based solutions


  • Caroline Douglass

    Executive Director of Flood and Coastal Risk Management

    Environment Agency

    Caroline is the Executive Director for Flood and Coastal Risk Management for the Environment Agency (EA). She joined the Agency in 2013 and has a varied background in both policy and operational roles. Her previous roles in EA include Director Incident Management and Resilience, and Area Director for Hertfordshire and North London Before joining EA, Caroline worked with the State Government in Victoria, Australia. This involved a range of senior land, catchment and natural resource management positions. These included Executive Director, Land and Fire Strategy and Director Public Land Use and Development.  Caroline also held a range of emergency management roles. This included leading and supporting bushfire and emergency response.



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