Nick Bridge, Special Representative for Climate Change, Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Join us to hear from Nick Bridge as he gives an overview of the hive of activity in the run up to COP26. Nick will also discuss the importance of the FCO network in working with other countries to tackle climate change, as well as his experiences in his current role as the Foreign Secretary’s Special Representative for Climate Change.

About the speaker:

  • Nick Bridge

    Special Representative for Climate Change

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office

    Nick Bridge was appointed Special Representative for Climate Change in May 2017. Special representatives use their expertise to develop a greater coherent effort in making sure that the FCO works closely and effectively with foreign powers. Nick was previously Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom to the OECD from 2011 to 2016. He served as Chief Economist at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Head of Global Economy Department. He has served for over a decade in diplomatic postings to China, Japan and the United States. Nick formerly worked in the Treasury, where he co-led a $4 billion facility to immunize half a billion people in the developing world, and was an economist in the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. Born in 1972 in Yorkshire, Mr Bridge graduated in economics from the University of Nottingham.



Unfortunately this event is now closed for booking.

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