Online Leadership: Intergenerational Leadership – Discussion forum with Raafi Alidina, Frost Included

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Organisations around the world are at a transition point where about half the workforce are Millennials while the other half are Generation X or Baby Boomers.  Due to increasing life expectancies and the fact that people are now working well into their old age, for the first time, there are significant numbers of people in organisations from 3 different generations. This may not seem like a big deal, but actually it means that leaders and managers are having to support direct reports who have had vastly different life experiences, and so have vastly different concerns about their organisations and expectations from leadership. For example, while less than 8% of Baby Boomers and 18% of Gen Xers would choose work flexibility over pay when choosing an employer, 45% of Millennials would do so.  Additionally, 47% of Millennials say they consider diversity and inclusion in the workplace when choosing a job, compared to 22% of Gen Xers and 7% of Baby Boomers.

To manage and lead these differences, inclusion across an intergenerational workforce is imperative. But this also presents a tremendous opportunity – even greater diversity of experiences means we can leverage this for more innovative solutions, better strategic problem solving, and more accurate predictions. Led correctly, an intergenerational workforce means companies are even more likely to thrive.

Main topics

  • Key differences in workplace expectations from different generations: what are the trends?
  • Measuring inclusion across generations
  • Day to day behaviours that managers and leaders can institute to manage an intergenerational workforce
  • Larger systematic programmes to leverage intergenerational experiences
  • Building innovation through facilitated intergenerational communication


About the speaker: 

  • Raafi Alidina


    Frost Included

    Originally from Edmonton, Canada, Raafi attended Harvard University for his undergraduate degree, finishing in 2012. After completing, he stayed in Cambridge for a year as a Research Fellow at the Center for Public Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School. After that, he was awarded an International Development and Management fellowship that sent him to Dhaka, Bangladesh, where he worked with the Aga Khan Foundation-Bangladesh (an NGO that runs pre-schools in garment factories, tea plantations, and urban slums) helping them improve their gender equality practices. He then returned to the US and to academia as part of the Mass Movements Project with Dr. Stephen Kosack.   He then moved back to Cambridge, MA to attend the Harvard Kennedy School where he completed a Masters in Public Policy in 2017.  His research on using behavioural economics for inclusion in organisations and the development of a behavioural measure for inclusion was awarded the Jane Mansbridge Research Award for outstanding research on women and gender, and the Susan C Eaton Memorial Prize for the top HKS Masters Thesis in Social Policy.   Raafi is currently a consultant with London-based Diversity and Inclusion consultancy Frost Included, where he helps leaders develop more inclusive behaviours and create more inclusive workplace cultures. Raafi is the co-author (with Stephen Frost) of the book Building an Inclusive Organisation: Leveraging the Power of a Diverse Workforce (KoganPage, 2019), which has been short-listed for Management Book of the Year and Best Book promoting Diversity by the Chartered Management Institute and Business Book Awards. It has also been named one of the top 10 Most Inspirational Business Books of 2020 by CEO Today.


Places are limited, please apply now to secure your spot on this live forum. Sign up as usual using your WIG account, an invitation confirming your place will be sent out a week ahead of the session.

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