Online Leadership: Managing the Group Dynamics of Video Conferencing

"Can you hear me yet?”

Most of us are spending more and more time in virtual meetings.

Having negotiated the technology, switched on the camera and put the dog out... there is then the issue of how to do this thing effectively! How to come across, how to be heard and, if you are the person running the meeting, how to keep everyone engaged and involved. This session will explore techniques to help you lead and manage a more effective video conference call.

The virtual workshop will focus on:

  • Why communicating over VC is different & demanding
  • Remaining calm and comfortable when running a virtual meeting
  • Boosting your personal presence on video calls
  • Confidently answering challenging questions and thinking on your feet
  • Knowing how to defuse tricky conversations
  • Drawing out the ‘lurkers’ and keeping everyone engaged
  • Being seen a both credible and likeable by colleagues on a call


This will be a practical session where we will be exploring different behaviours and the impact they have during a virtual meeting. We will focus on helping you develop greater behavioural flexibility so that you feel more comfortable connecting with and influencing others while on a video call.

About the facilitator: 

  • David Willis


    David Willis is a partner with Cmt. He is a professional voice coach and body language expert. He works mainly with private organisations helping them develop effective communication, influencing and relationship skills. David has coached actors at both the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Globe Theatre and has taught at many of London’s leading drama schools including The Guildhall School of Music and Drama and The Central School of Speech and Drama. He has worked around the world, including the US where he was ‘Professor of Voice’ at Southern Methodist University. David’s work focuses on identifying and honing individual potential so that delegates can make the most of their resources.


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Unfortunately this event is now closed for booking.