Powerful Persuasive Presenting

This seminar will be delivered virtually.

How many times have you struggled with speeches and presentations? Yet what looks great on paper does not always sound so good when making your case in a meeting. What is a forceful argument when you wrote it at home is not as powerful when presented in public. What you thought was a strong logical argument that would win the day fails to inspire hearts and minds in the conference hall. Speaking in public is not a skill that you are born with. It is a skill that you can choose to develop.


Most people are called upon to present in public at some point in their careers and the higher they rise in an organisation, the larger the audience becomes and the more significant the message they have to deliver.

This seminar is designed for those who want to improve their connection with groups and audiences, large and small, through powerful words, phrases and techniques. Many of those we think of as great public speakers were not born that way. They went out and studied the craft of being a powerful, persuasive speaker. Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Colonel Tim Collins and J.K. Rowling all learnt how to deliver speeches that would motivate and inspire audiences. Yet each has (or had) their own unique style.

This seminar will explore the secrets of powerful speaking by helping you to develop your own, authentic speaking style.


Very practical tools able to be implemented very easily” – Val Jasinski, Head of Customer Services and Compliance, Companies House

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    This seminar will be delivered virtually via MS Teams

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