Ruth Stanier, Director General, Customer Strategy and Tax Design, HMRC

Ruth joined HMRC as Director of Indirect Tax in March 2016, and has led on Customs and Indirect Tax since early 2017. Since joining the Civil Service in the 1990s, she has led a range of policy work in different departments including the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG), the Department for Transport and the Department of Health.

While at DCLG Ruth worked on housing policy, including leading work to prevent homelessness and repossessions at the time of the credit crunch, for which she was awarded an OBE.

The Director General Customer Strategy and Tax Design has overall responsibility for a group of teams who use customer insight to design better tax strategy, assurance, policies, products and processes that:

  • meet customer needs
  • make it easier for them to get things right
  • reduce the risk of honest mistakes and opportunities to dodge tax

The Director General will also advise ministers on UK tax policy, and work internationally to improve the global tax framework, while producing the strategy for all of HMRC’s core functions, not just its tax operation.


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