Taster Session: Regenerative Leadership

Regenerative Leadership in the context of  ‘Build back Better’

The concept of regenerative leadership has been developing for over a decade, but it is only recently that the context has become ripe for this new paradigm to flourish. In an emergent era of ‘building back better’, to paraphrase Einstein, we cannot solve problems with the same level of thinking that created them, and this also requires a step change in leadership. Regenerative leadership as a mindset and set of practices has much to offer in the way it frames organisational challenges – to use an metaphor from nature, we can’t simply focus our energies on being the biggest tree in the forest, but in ensuring the health of the whole forest, e.g. the social and environmental ecosystems on which we depend.

In this introductory session, we will explore:

  • The challenges of the current context and the new leadership that is required
  • The hallmarks of the regenerative paradigm
  • How to think and act like a regenerative leader


After we have run this taster session, we plan to expand this offer with a series of modules, to deepen and embed regenerative leadership practice in a co-learning environment.


  • Facilitator

    Katherine Long


    Katherine is an experienced coach, facilitator and supervisor, with over 25 years of experience in people development, with a background in supporting cross-cultural communications and intercultural competences in leaders and teams. Katherine's approach to client work is holistic, and creative, seeing organisations as adaptive living systems, with a key value around supporting the health and well-being of the whole system (individual, team, organisation, inter-organisation), as well as addressing their specific challenges.

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