Tell it Like TED

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Engaging your audience with stories, humour and eloquence. 

We all know a great presentation or a great communicator when we see one. A great talk is
enthralling, inspiring and often motivating. Thanks to the speakers at TED there is an
‘encyclopaedia like’ resource for all of us to learn from. Consider the structure, the delivery
skills, as well as each speaker’s individual style. Not only does TED contain great ideas worth
spreading it also demonstrates great communication skills well worth learning from.

The session exceeded my expectations. It filled me with                          confidence and inspiration to employ my new learning.

Tell it like Ted explores techniques; techniques used not by politicians or entertainers
but by respected professionals who have something they want to share. Countless studies
have shown that these speakers:
· Grab and hold attention, often spurring their audience into action
· Deliver engaging and memorable messages that stay with the audience
· Create a palpable sense of community within the group they are addressing

This seminar will explore the elements that make a talk and a communicator more
memorable, engaging and humorous.

1. Build trust and empathy with an audience
2. Make your talks more captivating
3. Engage others with your own and the organisations story
4. Use humour appropriately to make your message memorable
5. Feel more confident communicating with groups
6. Discover techniques that will increase the effectiveness of your message
7. Practice new skills and develop your own style

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Please see the fees noted below. We offer special pricing for leadership programmes alumni and organisations from the voluntary sector. Please contact us for more information.

WIG Members’ fee: £450 + VAT.

Non-member fee: £560 + VAT.

Leadership Programmes Alumni fee: £338 + VAT

Voluntary sector fee: £338 + VAT.

Rates include refreshments and lunch.

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Unfortunately this event is now closed for booking.

  • Fees to Attend

    WIG Members’ fee: £450 + VAT.

    Non-member fee: £560 + VAT. 

    Leadership Programmes Alumni fee: £338 + VAT  or £225 + VAT if you bring along a full paying colleague.

    Voluntary sector fee: £338 + VAT.

    This is inclusive of lunch and refreshments.

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