The Neuroscience of Leadership

We all have good days and bad days at work – neuroscience helps us to understand what makes the difference. For the organisation, leader and employee, it provides a ‘win-win’: it brings to light what enables us to perform at our best while at the same time supporting mental and emotional well-being at work.

Really worthwhile, very encouraging and thought provoking with lots of practical application.

Although neuroscience is still in its infancy, it is already providing significant insights into people, teams and organisations. It is also relatively easy to apply as neuroscience does not require a revolution in how we work: it provides a new lens through which to look at people and understand their behaviour and motivation. It shows that small actions can make a significant difference. The learning can be applied at a local level by each leader with his or her team, or at a macro level, right across the business. It enables us to work effectively: by understanding our brains, we can work with the physiology, not fight it.

During the day, we will explore why our brains find organisational change difficult and more importantly, we will explore what leaders can do to create an environment where employees can work at their best.

This seminar will focus on:
• The latest insights from neuroscience and behavioural science
• The basics we all need to know about our brains to get the best out of them
• Understanding the impact of change and uncertainty on our ability to focus
• The small actions that make a big difference to our brains
• Our social brains (and why Maslow got it wrong)
• Building resilience in ourselves and our teams so that we can perform at our best
• Providing practical tools to help leaders maintain their own and their team’s performance

By the end of the seminar delegates will:
• Understand their brains better so that they can work with them rather than despite them
• Understand the impact of organisational change on the brain and on our ability to focus
• Feel better able to maintain their own focus and performance, as well as that of others
• Know how to manage their own state so that it has a positive impact on those around them
• Have applied a neuroscience-based practical tool (SPACES) to plan an upcoming event at work
• Know how to plan their day to get the best out of their brains

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Read an article by the facilitator with top tips.

WIG Members’ fee: £450 + VAT.

Non-member fee: £560 + VAT. 

Leadership Programmes Alumni fee: £338 + VAT  or £225 + VAT if you bring along a full paying colleague.

Voluntary sector fee: £338 + VAT.

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All rates are inclusive of lunch and refreshments.

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  • Seminar Style:
    The seminar is designed to be ‘brain-friendly’:
    • Real learning is done in the discussions and breaks, not from ‘information download’
    • People are in a positive state of mind and not feeling threatened or defensive
    • They can give their full attention to the subject (turn off mobiles etc)
    • Learning is divided into short sections (15-20 minutes) with time for participants to reflect on what they have learned and to generate their own ideas about what it means for them
    • People have time to reach their own insights
    • Variety of input: presentation, film, quiz questions, practice, discussion and planning
    A follow-up conference call will be offered 4-6 weeks after the seminar to enable participants to check their understanding and to help embed the learning
  • Facilitator
  • Fees to attend

    WIG Members’ fee: £450 + VAT.

    Non-member fee: £560 + VAT. 

    Leadership Programmes Alumni fee: £338 + VAT 

    Voluntary sector fee: £338 + VAT.

    This is inclusive of lunch and refreshments.

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