Towards a National Food Strategy with Henry Dimbleby, Lead Non-Executive board member, DEFRA & co-founder Leon

We are delighted that Henry Dimbleby, who has been appointed by the Environment Secretary to lead on the UK's forthcoming National Food Strategy, will be joining us to share his thoughts on building a healthy, sustainable and productive food supply chain for the UK.  

  • Henry Dimbleby

    Lead non-executive board member


    Henry Dimbleby co-founded the Leon restaurant chain, before going on to become Director of London Union, which runs some of London’s most successful street food markets. He was a co-founder of the Sustainable Restaurant Association and co-authored The School Food Plan (2013), which set out actions to transform what children eat in schools and how they learn about food.  Henry Dimbleby was given the role of lead non-executive board member of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in March 2018. In June 2019 the Environment Secretary appointed Henry Dimbleby to lead the National Food Strategy. Henry previously worked as a Strategy Consultant at Bain & Company (1995-2002) where he advised businesses on strategy, performance improvement and organisational design.



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