Upholding standards in food and farming post-Brexit

This event will look at the interaction between domestic policy and UK's trade policy, and how that will shape sustainability and quality standards in the food and farming sectors after Brexit. 

You will hear from a panel of speakers and have the opportunity to put your questions to them:

  • Alison Ismail, Acting Director Agri-food Chain, Defra will focus on the domestic policy aspects impacting on sustainable food and farming. She will also touch on international trade, specifically what is important for UK Government, business and consumers in future FTAs
  • Sue Davies, Strategic Policy Partner, Which? will provide a consumer focus, based on their extensive research on what consumers expect in terms of standards around food and farming, and how that could be impacted by future trade deals and change in regulation. 
  • Andrew Swift, Chief Executive, Fera Science Limited. Fera is a joint venture between Capita and Defra, driving innovative products and techniques to identify and detect emerging threats earlier across agri-food science. Andrew will talk about how Fera Science uses its expert science services to ensure food safety after Brexit, and the work they do to detect and prevent threats to the agri-food chain at an international level.


Unfortunately this event is now closed for booking.

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