Water Management: Reducing Waste and Improving Flood Resilience Through Better Resource Planning and Regulation

Following Defra’s recent consultation, Improving water management to reduce waste and improve flood resilience, join us for a panel briefing looking at:

  • The next policy steps for better water management and how the challenges of climate change and population growth can impact this
  • The impact of the new water management strategy on consumers and how the regulatory framework can mitigate this
  • The impact on the environment

You will hear from:

  • Margaret Read, Deputy Director for Water Services, Defra 
  • David Black, Senior Director, Water 2020, Ofwat
  • Jo Harrison, Envrionment and Asset Strategy Director, United Utilities
  • Nick Voulvoulis, Professor, Centre for Environmental Policy, Grantham Institute, Imperial College London


Unfortunately this event is now closed for booking.