Webinar: Social Value in 2022 - A cross-sector perspective with Sam Rowbury, Director, Commercial Policy, Cabinet Office

In September 2020 the Cabinet Office released a Policy Procurement Note (PPN) which launched a new model to deliver social value through government's commercial activities. The PPN stated that in central government departments, non-departmental bodies and executive agencies, social value should be explicitly evaluated in central government procurements over the Procurement Contract Regulations threshold as appropriate, where the requirements are related and proportionate to the subject-matter of the contract (rather than just ‘considered’ as currently required under the Public Services Social Value Act 2012). This marked a change in the way policymakers, commercial leads and those looking to supply government with services should approach social value.

Over a year on since the release of the PPN, this session will look at how social value is being assessed and how the public, private and not-for-profits sectors are working together to ensure there is real social value in all commercial activities

  • Understand how policymakers, commercial leads and those supplying government are maximising social value in government contracts as appropriate, relevant and proportionate, and what the priorities for social value will be in 2022
  • Hear how the Cabinet Office is working across departments, ALBs, agencies and others to embed a focus on social value, where there is need for further collaboration across broader public, private and not for profit sectors would help benefit
  • Find out how a Private Sector organisation has been approaching social value in the last year, and how they have sought to work with their public sector partners on this
  • Put your questions to the speakers in a live Q&A

Other speakers TBC


  • Sam Rowbury

    Director, Commercial Policy

    Cabinet Office

    Sam leads on commercial policy on behalf of the Government Commercial Function in the Cabinet Office. His team is responsible for Government policy on public procurement including reforming procurement law, developing new policies on issues such as social value and climate change, and action to open up more government contracts to small businesses and social enterprises. He is an experienced senior civil servant with over two decades working in the public sector



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