WIG/UKRN: Balancing infrastructure renewal with net-zero targets

WIG is delighted to once again partner with the UK Regulators Network to deliver this workshop.

This event will focus on the balance between investment for growth and resilience of the UK’s infrastructure networks with the targets for emissions reduction, and the existing regulation for competition and investor returns in their use. The event will seek to address:

  • How well do industry, government and regulators understand the current carbon emissions of different sectors and how these may change given likely trends in those sectors?
  • What are the roles of industry, government and regulators in planning for the infrastructure transformation to meet net zero targets? Who should lead in developing new funding models and innovation?
  • How effective are current regulatory tools in ensuring that future infrastructure is more efficient and resilient, and can deliver on the UK’s net zero commitments?
  • What are the benefits and risks for UK infrastructure in investment for carbon reduction. How should these be accounted for in future price controls or regulatory intervention?
  • Who pays for the transition to net zero targets? How should this be balanced with the investment case for UK assets and the desire to keep prices for current consumers fair?



Unfortunately this event is fully booked but we are accepting applications to a waiting list

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