The Whitehall & Industry Group are offering two applicants from our membership the chance to win a year-long one-to-one mentorship programme with either a senior manager from another sector, or a milennial (reverse) mentor. 

With our broad membership base and tailored matching process, we will work with our successful applicants to create a bespoke opportunity. Applications are open to all members, at any level of seniority. To find out if you are part of our membership, please see our list below:

Key requirements

  • What it delivers

    The programme has a strongly practical focus; aimed at supporting personal and business goals. WIG will work closely with each candidate to create and maintain a successful mentoring partnership which is tailored to their individual needs. Since our mentoring programme began in 2005 WIG has set up over 100 successful mentoring partnerships. Evaluation from completed mentoring partnerships confirms that the programme will provide challenge and promote change and innovation.  

  • Who can benefit?

    The mentoring programme is ideal for applicants who


    Have significant challenges to address or change to achieve;

    Would welcome a broader perspective on and practical insight into these challenges;

    Are willing to be constructively challenged in order to achieve their goals;

    Are goal-orientated, open to new ideas and perspectives and have good listening skills;

    Are interested in learning from other sectors;

    Have the time and commitment to meet with a mentor for approximately two hours each month.

  • What challenges can mentoring help to address?

    Mentoring can be used to address challenges in specific professional areas (e.g. HR, Finance, Procurement and CSR) or around more general leadership and personal development themes. Recent mentoring arrangements have explored a range of themes including:



    Managing the change from a professional to a leadership role

    Managing the transition to a new sector

    Driving organisational/cultural change




    Knowledge management

    Performance management

    Project management

    Risk management

    Financial management



  • The process

    The Process


    WIG will work with the successful applicants to build a successful mentoring partnership. The seven stage process involves:


    1. Clarifying your requirements as a mentee


    One successful applicants have been chosen, WIG will contact the mentee for a preliminary discussion to gain an in-depth understanding of the issues they want to address through mentoring.


    2. Matching


    WIG will match the needs of the mentee with the skills and experience of available mentors. Within six weeks, WIG will arrange meetings to introduce the mentee to up to three potential mentors, and will subsequently support the mentee in making a choice of mentor.


    3. Induction


    WIG will provide guidelines on mentoring for both mentor and mentee, to answer some of the practical questions which they may have and to offer a best practice framework which can be tailored to their individual needs.


    4. Goal Setting


    The first meeting between mentor and mentee will be used to agree and record specific, practical goals for the mentee to work towards.


    5. Working towards goals


    Mentor and mentee should meet monthly, for a period of up to one year. Each meeting will support progress towards agreed goals and result in a brief, recorded action-plan.


    6. Three month review


    3 months after the mentoring arrangement starts WIG’s Mentoring Co-ordinator will contact each mentee individually, to review the effectiveness of the mentoring partnership and to identify any steps which need to be taken to improve its effectiveness.


    7. Final review and evaluation


    WIG’s Mentoring Co-ordinator will contact both mentee and mentor individually to evaluate the programme.

  • To apply

    To apply for a Cross-Sector Mentoring Award place, please complete the online application which can be found here. Applicants will be asked explain in 500 words or less how they would benefit from having a mentor from another sector.