Cross-sector solutions to workplace challenges

Organisational raids are designed to deliver whole team development. WIG can help you learn from another organisation how they tackle a workplace issue, explore how your approach differs and assess what your team could apply back home.

Virtual Organisational Visits or 'Raids'!

Want to gain fresh perspectives from another sector? 

Our long-established 'Raids' usually work as curated full-day visits from a group belonging to one of our member organisations to another organisation's HQ, packed with activities to help the visiting organisation understand first-hand how others tackle a specific challenge. (E.g. Innovation, Managing change, Performance Management, Diversity & Inclusion etc. We have now moved this model to virtual delivery, where the visits take place online.

Sharing experience, improving performance

Organisational raids provide day-long exposure to another organisation's know-how (different timings used for virtual raids). They are purpose-built to allow one organisation to learn from another's expertise and proven practice.

WIG designs the day to ensure everyone gains. The host organisation showcases their expertise and gets objective feedback from a group of peer professionals. The 'raiding' team learns from best practice, gets new perspectives on how they might be practically applied, and an invaluable opportunity to benchmark against another organisation. 

Every raid is cross-sector. The host and raiding organisation alike learn from the different cultural approaches to common issues, and benefit from extending their peer networks into another sector.

Interested in finding out how WIG Raids can help you:

  • ​Showcase best practice
  • Learn from different approaches
  • Challenge preconceived notions

Please contact: Roy Johnson on 020 7222 1166 or email us.

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If you would like to find out more, speak to the leadership team, call us on 020 7222 1166 or email using the link below

The most useful aspect was gaining a perspective on working practices within the host organisation both the good and the bad. Interesting to find out about the value they place on getting learning and flexible working right.                                                                        Marc Woodall, Surrey County Council



Learning Exchange Groups

Virtual Learning Exchange Groups are modular programs where professionals from one (or more) organisations “raid” another organisation in a different sector to obtain quick, first-hand experience of their approach to specific issues. 

Learning Exchange Groups are delivered for any level of seniority and different grades, up to Permanent Secretary level. The group, typically involving 10-15 participants from an organisation, will engage in a series of modular half-day sessions working with experts from the host organisation.

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If you would like to find out more, speak to the leadership team, call us on 020 7222 1166 or email using the link below

Stepping forward with diversity and inclusion: the experience of a leading law firm and a Whitehall Department

The brief: both organisations wanted to undertake shared learning on developing their approaches to diversity and inclusion.

The programme:

The Group met four times, focusing on the challenges of embedding good diversity & inclusion practices in their respective organisations.  The specific focus for each session was agreed by the group ahead of the first session.. The emphasis throughout was on sharing learning within the Group and on working together around shared challenges.

Session 1 – Setting the context and organisational introductions

Latest thinking in diversity & inclusion from across the public & private sectors.  Organisational introductions and agreeing learning objectives for the Learning Exchange Group.

Session 2 - Organisational raid to Law Firm

Browne Jacobson shared their diversity & inclusion challenges and current strategies and tactics.  The Whitehall department was particularly keen to explore the law firm’s approach to social mobility.

Session 3 –Organisational raid to the Whitehall department

The Whitehall department shared their diversity & inclusion challenges and current strategies and tactics.  The law firm was particularly keen to explore their approach to diversity and inclusion data analytics..

Session 4 – Embedding the Learning

Both organisations identified their learnings and what plans will be taken forward to improve diversity & inclusions. The two organisations also agreed to keep connected and continue their shared learning journey.


Participants from both organisations valued the below about the experience: 

  • Discussion of shared experiences and different challenges - beginning to derive insights into how they might look at our challenges differently.
  • The opportunity to engage in depth with another organisation unlike our own was invaluable and was only been possible through our association with WIG who provided the connections and took all the logistics out of our hands.
  • The breakout sessions addressing key challenges and areas for collaborative solutioning/knowledge-sharing.
  • A fantastic experience and wonderful forum for collaboration & knowledge-sharing around key challenges & opportunities.
  • Great opportunity to learn and improve processes through the lens of another organisation in a controlled manner.
  • The organisation-organisation engagement, which was open, honest and constructive.
  • A wonderfully rich experience

Improved Diversity & Inclusion policies and way forward:

Both organisations (within 2 weeks of the programme being completed) have already made policy changes based on the experience of the other organisation including:

  • Founding out more about how their own organisation works
  • Ways of working
  • Increasing transparency of diversity & inclusion data
  • Increasing the internal communications effort around diversity & inclusion initiatives
  • Launching an ethnicity pay gap monitoring system

Potential themes for Raids and Learning Exchange Groups include:

Organisational Raids example topics



Gain fresh perspective from another sector, Energise your team through a group visit to another organisation with similar challenges:

Could you host a raid? They are a great way to reflect on your own processes and thinking:

Examples of past raids include:

  • BEIS to Eversheds
  • MHCLG to Deloitte
  • DfE to Rolls-Royce
  • London Borough of Southwark to Crisis
  • Metropolitan Police to John Lewis Partnership

Innovation and our human capital are central to Citi’s continued success, and we were keen to share our experiences with the civil service delegation as part of our deep and long running relationship with HM Government.  We hope that the exercise can contribute to improving the work practices and efficiency of both our organisations.            

Paul Salariya, Citi.