This is what John Neilson, College Secretary & Registrar at Imperial College had to say about Imperial’s WIG membership.

How has Imperial benefitted from its WIG membership?

Since Imperial joined WIG in 2014, we have made very good use of your events programme and we have also co-run two events with you. The first was a breakfast briefing on Innovation at which two of Imperial’s Professors David Gann and Chris Toumazou presented on our track record in fostering innovation, particularly in bio-medical engineering. The second was a workshop run jointly with Imperial’s Grantham Institute bringing together an audience of business and government to discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by the UN Climate Change Conference COP21.

The COP21 event was an excellent opportunity to bring together so many practitioners with different viewpoints – both experts from Whitehall and a wide range of people from companies to feed back what outcomes would be good for them.

Where does WIG membership offer the greatest value?

The greatest value is in expanding our networks. Imperial has an outstanding range of business connections but WIG helps to broaden that network. It is always useful to be brought up to date on the government’s agenda by officials who present at the briefings but often the networking is as valuable.

WIG is about collaboration between the sectors. What future developments at Imperial would be of interest to WIG members?

Imperial is in the world’s top 10 universities. We are very good at business collaboration and solving business problems and we are an attractive partner as we are global in our outlook and capability. We are very excited about our 25 acre White City campus which will have a Translation and Innovation hub with capacity for 50 companies. We would love to talk to any businesses that want to work with us.