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In line with the latest government guidelines, we will continue to deliver our events through digital channels in 2021, and resume some face to face events when possible.

WIG events provide a trusted environment in which leaders from across the public, private and not for sector discuss some of the biggest challenges and opportunities for shared learning and collaboration. Our events and content cover the most important issues impacting our membership, and are specifically designed to create a platform for connections, collaboration and mutual learning supporting improved outcomes and solutions, for the benefit of society as a whole. 

The 7 key themes outlined here have been identified through extensive research with our members, and each contain a number of sub-topics that will evolve over time, in line with their priorities.

Within each theme you will see throughout the year:

  • A range of single speaker ‘briefings’ with public, private and NFP leaders
  • Cross-sector panels with experts in their fields
  • A range of digital content
  • Unique roundtable discussions, webinars, workshops and virtual live briefings

Event Themes in 2021

Events listing

WIG delivers over 100 events a year designed to fit members’ needs, from briefings with Permanent Secretaries to roundtable discussions for heads of profession.

Search our calendar of forthcoming events to see what's in our programme for you.



WIG’s specialist networks and series of topical events are designed to enhance professional expertise:

  • Interact and share best practice with peers in the same discipline across different sectors 
  • Hear from the acknowledged experts in your field 
  • Get insights into the latest thinking and contribute to policy development


Resource Library

Visit our Resource Library to explore the range of resources available for WIG members from our events programme including podcasts, slides, articles and reports.



Professional Networks

WIG’s job specific professional networks enable smart decision making, by offering senior representatives of our member organisations the opportunity to connect with, and learn from, their peers across the sectors.


Advisory Councils

To ensure we are tackling the biggest issues across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors, our advisory councils help mould and scope the programmes across our seven core themes, to make sure they address the most pertinent cross-sector challenges head on.

Invitation to join the councils will be at the discretion of WIG, as an independent body, with nominations welcome. 


Meet the events team

WIG provides high quality events all year round. Our rich and diverse programme lets you explore the latest policy developments, share best practice, listen to and debate with first-class speakers and extend professional networks. Meet the team working on the programme.

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