As the UK work out a negotiated exit from the EU, the UK government is also devising an independent trade policy, within the context of changing global trade relationships. This new trade policy will need to secure the flow of not just goods, but increasingly of services and data, into and out of key markets. 

Beyond trade, the UK is at a juncture where the opportunity has opened to redefine how we will operate at the international level as an independent state, in terms of diplomacy and the exercise of soft power. With new challenges around the rise of China, the decline of international rules-based system, and increasing trade tensions, cross-sector collaboration to ensure the UK’s economic and diplomatic viability on the world stage is critical.   

WIG will establish an environment to discuss the UK government’s new independent trade policy, along with supporting cross-sector dialogue around the role of an independent UK as a positive actor on the world stage. The main topics covered include:

  • Brexit
  • International Trade
  • International Affairs and Ambassadorial Insights
  • Defence and Security

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