In 2017, the Theresa May government launched the Industrial Strategy, with the stated ambition to boost productivity across the UK, as well as enhancing prosperity. The Strategy aimed to work with businesses, the education sector, not-for-profits and local partnerships to create jobs and increase the earning power with investment in skills, industries and infrastructure.

The launch of the Industrial Strategy, in combination with the challenges raised by the Brexit referendum, resulted in a call for a greater focus from across the sectors to address the regional divide and economic disparities currently present in society.

The events series throughout the year will look at some of the guiding principles and initiatives by the Industrial Strategy, alongside the drive from private, public and not-for-profits to look at regional growth, R&D, productivity and the wider economic picture.

WIG will provide a forum to discuss some of the most important and pressing parts of what the Industrial Strategy highlighted.

The core events within the Economic Growth and Prosperity theme will focus on:

  • The Industrial Strategy
  • Regional Growth
  • Productivity
  • R+D, Funding and the Sector Deals
  • Finance and Economics


Upcoming events

Nick Bridge, Special Representative for Climate Change, Foreign and Commonwealth Office


Henry Dimbleby, Lead Non-Executive board member, DEFRA & co-founder Leon


Joanna Whittington, Director General, Energy and Security, BEIS


Green Finance and Sustainable Investment


Industrial Strategy Council: Addressing Regional Productivity Disparities


Electric Vehicles: The Challenges and Opportunities of Future Mobility


Tamara Finkelstein, Permanent Secretary, Defra


Mike Coupe, Group Chief Executive Officer, Sainsbury's



Industrial Strategy Series resources

Podcast: Modular Housing - the solution to the UK housing crisis? | Briefing


24 May 2019

Podcast: Dame Shan Morgan, Permanent Secretary for the Welsh Government | Briefing


15 April 2019

Slides: Panel on the role of business in cracking the productivity challenge


24 January 2019

Slides from the panel on 'The role of business in cracking the productivity challenge', Wednesday 23rd January

Podcast: Nigel Clifford, Chief Executive, Ordnance Survey


25 April 2018

Slides: Dr Michele Dix, Managing Director, Crossrail 2, Transport for London

Document (pdf)

18 April 2018

Slides: Tim Lord, Director for Clean Growth, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Document (pdf)

02 March 2018

Podcast: Alison Saunders, Director of Public Prosecutions, Crown Prosecution Service


01 March 2018

Report: Industrial Strategy: Building a Britain fit for the future

External resource

30 November 2017

The government's Industrial Strategy report

Report: KPMG - Improving UK regional productivity performance

External resource

16 November 2017

KPMG's 2017 report on regional productivity challenges

Shan Morgan, Welsh Government.pdf

Document (pdf)