As the UK moves into the recovery phase of COVID-19, national infrastructure remains a high priority area for government spending. Alongside the economic recovery, the challenges the infrastructure sector faced pre-COVID-19 have not gone away. As society adapts to new ways of living and working, the demand on infrastructure is also changing.

In this particular theme, WIG will cover a wide range of infrastructure topics including funding, major projects, critical infrastructure, transport, housing, energy, digital and regulation.

Delivering change to this vast range of infrastructure areas will require collaboration across the public and private sector, as many of the goals/aims and challenges are the same.  One of the focuses of the infrastructure programme is to create a forum facilitating exactly that.

In this particular series, WIG will cover a wide range of infrastructure topics including:

  • Funding of Infrastructure
  • Transport and Major Projects
  • Housing and Planning
  • Digital and Innovation in Infrastructure 

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