Infrastructure remains a high priority area for both the government and those in industry. As a society, the planet, and our ways of living and working change, and with that, the demand on infrastructure also changes

Delivering change to a vast range of infrastructure areas including transport, housing, digital and regulation will require collaboration across the public and private sector, as many of the goals/aims and challenges are the same.  One of the focuses of the infrastructure programme is to create a forum facilitating exactly that. WIG’s aim is to ensure that policies, strategies and changes which cut across all aspects of infrastructure projects are not developed in a silo and take into account the impacts from across all relevant Whitehall departments and private sector partners. 

In this particular series, WIG will cover a wide range of infrastructure topics including:

  • Funding of Infrastructure
  • Transport and Major Projects
  • Housing and Planning
  • Digital and Innovation in Infrastructure 


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