At both the global and domestic level, companies, governments and citizens are now grappling with the challenges posed by keeping global temperature increases under the 1.5°C mark. Decarbonisation, energy transition, sustainable finance, and climate change mitigation and adaptation sit as central pillars to addressing this. With the government committed to a ‘green recovery’ from COVID-19, this is now in even starker focus.

The contribution of the UK to each of these areas, as well as its role as a leader in environmental issues, will come into sharper focus as we host the COP26 Climate Summit in November 2021.

Meanwhile, as renewable energy, low-carbon tech and sustainable finance mark a turning point in the global economy, emerging markets, clean growth and upskilling capabilities provide excellent opportunities across the sectors.

The events of the Environment and Climate Change Series will bring together key stakeholders across the sectors, to ensure that these challenges and opportunities are best addressed and utilised for the benefit of industry, government and wider society.

Within the Environment Series, WIG will focus on four key areas which include:

  • Decarbonisation, Clean Growth and Energy Transformation
  • Sustainable Finance and Natural Capital
  • Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation 
  • Food, Farming, Agriculture and Biodiversity

Environment & Climate Change Advisory Council 

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