Join us for events covering technological developments, with topics including:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Smart cities
  • Audio-visual technology
  • The user journey
  • Quantum computing
  • Blockchain


Upcoming events

Quantum Computing - Applications for Business and Government


Preparing for Data Regulation post-Brexit w/ Steve Wood, Deputy Commissioner for Policy, Information Commission


Blockchain: Cross-sector applications


Enhancing Digital Skills in the UK Workforce



Tech and Digital Series resources

Slides: Technology & the Future of Work: Dr Nicola Millard, Head of Customer Insights & Futures, BT


15 April 2019

Research Paper: The University of Oxford Guide to Artificial Intelligence

Document (pdf)

22 March 2019

Read about how AI and machine learning techniques are used in different sectors

Slides: Raj Kalia, Digital Infrastructure, DCMS

Document (pdf)

19 March 2019

Slides: Michael Wignall, Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft | Briefing

Document (pdf)

17 January 2019

Slides from briefing with Michael Wignall, Wednesday 16th January 2019.

Podcast: Michael Wignall, Chief Technology Office, Microsoft | Briefing


17 January 2019

Podcast: Digital Skills Partnership


11 July 2018

A podcast from the digital skills partnership lunchtime briefing discussing how the sectors can work together to build a future economy that works for everyone

Slides: Blockchain: How can the technology revolutionise the work of business and government?


05 July 2018

Slides: Nigel Clifford, Chief Executive, Ordnance Survey

Document (pdf)

25 April 2018

Slides: Dr Michele Dix, Managing Director, Crossrail 2, Transport for London

Document (pdf)

18 April 2018

Podcast: Susan Acland-Hood, Chief Executive, HM Courts & Tribunals Service


29 March 2018