An ongoing process of digital transformation is influencing almost every aspect of economic and social life, from how we pay for goods, to how our data is stored and utilised. This transformation has only been expedited with the onset of COVID-19, making dialogue between the sectors more important than ever.

The UK is well placed to leverage existing capacities and build the world’s most innovative economy- an ambition set out in the Industrial Strategy. How business, government, academia and the charity sector adapt to make the most of the opportunities and manage the risks posed by emerging and disruptive technologies, is crucial for a prosperous and equitable future.  

WIG’s Technology and Digital program will support members from across the sectors to embrace digital transformation and utilise emerging technologies to generate positive economic and societal impacts. The key areas of discussion will be around:

  • Digital Skills and the Future of Work
  • New and Disruptive Technologies  
  • Ethics, Security, Privacy and Regulation

Technology and Digital Advisory Council

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