External Article: HR Magazine | Has Brexit led to a parliament pressure cooker?

External Article: HR Magazine | Has Brexit led to a parliament pressure cooker?

Our Chief Executive, Simon Ancona, is quoted in this article in HR Magazine, speaking about leadership under pressure.

Brexit Published 11 June 2019
"Longer term there is apparently ongoing work to ensure Brexit pressure is mitigated by good leadership. Simon Ancona is the chief executive of the Whitehall & Industry Group (WIG), a non-profit membership body that fosters collaboration between government, industry and the not-for-profit sector. He says “there is a huge amount of support” from WIG’s cross-sector membership for those in government bearing the brunt of Brexit.

Ancona believes that, whether in the private or public sector, leaders who understand the pressures they’re facing can make a huge difference to both their own wellbeing and that of their teams.

“In any good leadership programme the two things that will be at the fore are having a sense of a broader perspective and an element of ‘knowing thyself’,” he says.

“In a situation like Brexit, we know that the leaders who must put systems in place to improve the resilience of the workforce are often the people under the most pressure. No-one can be expected to detect signs of severe stress elsewhere unless they recognise it in themselves.”

He adds: “Leadership programmes that utilise knowledge from all sectors are very important… We see every day the results that we can achieve when leaders get together and share their experiences with others”.

But it’s clear there is plenty left to do to get Brexit over the line, and the civil service will be doing most of the heavy lifting. The hope is that with optimised working practices, strong leadership and support from sister sectors, the final toll will be lower than many currently fear."

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Brexit Published 11 June 2019