Leadership Development Framework

Leadership Development Framework

At the heart of WIG's leadership programmes is our Leadership Development Framework – helping to develop the values, mindsets and behaviours that successful leaders need.

All organisations depend on successful leadership. So you need to find creative ways to enhance performance and decision-making – for you and for the leaders around you.

That’s why we offer a range of cross-sector leadership programmes, aimed at people at multiple levels of your organisation. At the heart of these programmes is our Leadership Development Framework. We’ve designed this framework with the help of WIG members – so our programmes can cover the elements of leadership you’ve told us you need.

Leadership in practice

Our framework is based on three important leadership elements: values, mindset and behaviours.


Values are principles that we live out as successful leaders. The WIG leadership values underpin the learning outcomes of our leadership programmes.

Our leadership development framework including: results focused, self reflection, collaboration, creativity, respect, integrity and inclusion


We help leaders to develop their mindset, this helps them to become:

  • Action-oriented leaders who deliver outcomes while leading with fairness and equity
  • Collaborators who seek diverse views, inspiring and enabling others
  • Self-developers who learn continuously, developing their leadership style
  • Relationship builders who support others and encourage feedback from others in return


The framework helps to promote effective leadership behaviours – so leaders can act in positive ways which are relevant to their organisation. We help leaders to become:

  • Creators who communicate while building teams and networks
  • Change agents who can adapt to contexts and navigate change, while evaluating their own impact all the time
  • Effective strategists who can use evidence while promoting purpose or growth

Practical ways to learn

Throughout our programmes, we use different learning approaches to help develop these values, mindsets and behaviours. These include knowledge transfer, peer learning, coaching, and experiential learning.

With the help of these practical programmes, leaders will:

Develop as individuals

On our programmes, leaders build their personal “skills toolkit” as they reflect and grow.

Gain cross-sector insight

Leaders learn alongside peers from outside their own sectors – gaining fresh perspectives from activities such as working together on group projects, and even making cross-sector visits.

Develop a supportive peer group

By learning alongside a cross-sector peer group, leaders become better equipped to innovate through uncertain times – and to develop resilience for when things get tough.