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Mentoring for your organisation

Scale up the impact of mentoring and support more of your talent through our bespoke mentoring programmes for organisations

Mentoring, as an integral part of organisational culture, not only supports employee development but also wider organisational development. When it forms a strategic, coherent part of talent development, mentoring: 

  • builds the habit of challenging processes, behaviours and assumptions
  • speeds knowledge transfer
  • improves succession planning
  • increases employee productivity, morale and retention
  • enhances skill development and leadership ability. 
"I engaged WIG to provide a cross sector Mentoring service for our senior Talent. I was very impressed with the professional approach, their deep understanding of our requirements, and the high calibre of mentors provided." Emma-Sophie Ryan, Defence Science and Technology Laboratory. 

How we can help

We can integrate your mentoring programme with a range of mentors from outside your organisation, via both Mentor Match and our bespoke matched mentoring programme. We work with organisations who have identified mass talent for a mentoring programme, and ensure that cross sector learning forms a valuable part of the exercise. This can be done at all levels and via the traditional mentoring route as well as reverse mentoring.

We offer group discounts for multiple brokerages and work with your talent team across the identification, matching and follow up exercises to ensure that the relationship stays on course.

WIG Bespoke Mentoring Brochure 2023

If you're interested to know more about organisational mentoring, or would like to speak to one our Talent team, please get in touch.

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