WIG's commitment to diversity and inclusion

Our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion

At WIG, we champion co-operation, learning and understanding between the sectors – to help our members create better business, better government, and ultimately a better society. As a non-lobbying, impartial organisation, we help leaders in all sectors in the UK come together in a safe space to learn from each other, discuss mutual challenges, and find the synergies to help them work more effectively together. 


We recognise that, for this to be a reality, equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) must be at the heart of what we do.  Pursuing EDI is fundamentally the right thing to do, and the evidence is clear that organisations with better EDI perform better. It is important for WIG to harness diverse perspectives in our work, to be more reflective and avoid group think, to foster constructive challenge and to gain fresh viewpoints to generate deeper thinking.  This helps our members develop a better understanding of societal challenges and needs, and cultivates greater individual and organisational self awareness. 


We can better support our membership in relation to the UK’s big cross-sector challenges – from climate change to the data revolution – by bringing together a wide range of people, skills, ideas, opinions, beliefs and experiences.  We therefore aim to role model inclusive cross-sector collaboration and learning – which should act as an enabler for more inclusive decision-making. 


For example, we are committed to delivering an inclusive events and content programme.  We’re constantly working to increase the diversity of what we deliver in this area. At present, our focus is on including a greater range of perspectives across our speakers and advisory councils. We strive to provide an accessible platform to explore EDI issues that impact organisations and individuals across the sectors. We also run a range of EDI themed events and an annual conference.


In our talent work, we’re committed to ensuring that all talented individuals have the opportunity to lead and succeed.  Through our extensive professional networks and rigorous search process, we support client organisations to appoint from a rich, diverse and inclusive talent pool. In 2019-20, 73% of our non-executive appointments were women, and 27% were people from an ethnic minority background.


We have a clear vision for EDI and are making progress but we know that there is much more to do.  We also know that we can’t deliver our EDI ambitions on our own.  We’re keen for our members to join us on this journey, supporting EDI in everything that we do together. 


We also understand the importance of walking the walk internally, building and maintaining a culture where all at WIG feel supported, challenged and inspired to fulfil the vital role we all play in delivering our charitable purpose.


If you have any accessibility concerns or would like to discuss our EDI commitments, please contact us.