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Thinking about developing and stretching yourself outside your comfort zone?  WIG is all about development with a difference – you will learn from and alongside peers from across the sectors.

Our cross-sector programmes provide a range of learning & development opportunities for high-potentials at all levels of the organisational structure. Along the way you will discover how things work in other sectors and organisations, what things are similar and what’s different, and get inspired with new ideas to try back in your everyday.

It starts with you and expands from there. Take charge of your development with WIG.

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Masterclasses & Development Seminars

WIG’s masterclasses (development seminars) take the proven formula of cross-sector learning from our leadership programmes and distil it into one-day sessions, each tackling specific aspects of leadership. Delegates on our masterclasses gain:

  • Insights into leading-edge thinking
  • Practical tools and solutions to put into use immediately
  • A range of perspectives from the diverse mix of organisations/sectors represented 
  • Quality learning and minimal absence from the workplace for busy managers
  • Time for formal and informal networking 



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Leadership Development Programmes

WIG’s leadership programmes cater for every rung of the ladder - potential leaders a few years into a role to the most senior leaders in the UK.  They’re totally practical – designed in modules to fit around delegates’ day jobs. They provide skills, tools and techniques, networks and confidence.

A safe space to take a comprehensive look at where you are, where you are going and what will get you there.

Victoria Roberts, Aviva

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Gaining experience in another sector

We offer opportunities for hands-on experience in another sector. 

Our schemes focus on professional issues rather than job roles. Both the candidate and the host organisation stand to gain from the other’s perceptions and experience. 

We facilitate experiences in the public, private and voluntary sectors. These are great development opportunities with long-term career benefits.

Tailored to your availability and requirements.

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Charity Next | Information for Secondees

Charity Next is a development opportunity to spend six months on secondment to either a charity, social enterprise or organisation from the wider not-for-profit sector. Through the programme you can contribute your skills and enthusiasm to deliver critical projects for these organisations and the people they serve, allowing you to leave a lasting social impact and instil meaningful social change.

Charity Next facilitates an exchange of expertise, builds greater mutual understanding and encourages closer working between government and the rest of society.


Cross-Sector Mentoring

A supportive one-to-one relationship between experienced leaders from business, government and the voluntary sector. WIG’s diverse membership base and established mentoring process are behind a series of unique peer-level partnerships, in which both mentor and mentee gain from discussing leadership or professional challenges and learn from the other’s experience of operating in a different sector.


I was interested in having an external mentor to help me through my transition from private sector to public, as well as options for career progression.  WIG matched me with a mentor who was a perfect fit and since we were introduced to each other, I have had tremendous value from the relationship even in the short time so far.  It is a valuable experience that I would highly recommend.’

Maha El Dimachki – Head of Payments at the Financial Conduct Authority 

Reverse Mentoring

Reverse Mentoring is our mentoring scheme designed to bring together digital natives at the start of their career with senior leaders who want to stay plugged into the latest technological developments, generational thinking and diversity & inclusion approaches.